Outside Catering

Putting together a successful outside event or function can be an extremely stressful process for anybody. Contacting Starbites Outdoor can help to relieve some of the stress that occurs when planning these events. Using Starbites outdoor catering to take care of both the food and beverages for the event offers many advantages.

Unique Experience

On the whole, our outdoor functions are generally as enjoyable as our indoor events as there is more space and a feeling of freedom. This makes it the ideal setting for using an outside catering company who can help to not only cater for the event but also offer a unique experience for those that want more than just a good food service.

At Starbites we are able to create any sort of food that you want, from Continental, local, through to the classical cuisine depending on the event or the function. We can offer you a unique culinary experience to amaze your friends, family, clients and colleagues with specially created menu’s and signature gourmet delights. Also, provide customized menu as per guest’s desire. Starbites can cater food delights to 500 guests at any given time whilst maintaining best of hygiene standards.

An advantage of hiring an outside catering company is the fact that you will save an awful lot of time and money. The catering company will be able ensure that they have the right amount of ingredients and equipment so that the event will be able to run smoothly.

If your having a dinner party at home, we can plan a menu for you

In house decoration unit & expertise providing guests with decoration details or any theme oriented decorative solutions We cater to many international Schools, corporate companies, institutions, mining companies and private function.