Grab the family, jump in the car and get ready to sing at a Drive In Karaoke event at the Congregational church in Carlisle.

We’ll ask you to follow all the COVID-19 safety precautions; hand sanitizer, safe distancing and face coverings in addition to all instructions posted and requested at the Drive In Karaoke.

We’re hoping to have a list of songs to post here on this page. But if we don’t you can probably sing just about any popular song from the last 50 years.

Participants will be invited on stage by the DJ where you will read/sing the lyrics as they appear on a screen. The DJ will play the background music so it will feel like you are your favorite singer!

Best part is that the performances will be broadcast right to the radio in your car! Pretty cool, huh?

We have spaces for 50 cars, and there are no reservations. So come and claim your space early.

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