The World Hepatitis day is a recognized day set aside on July 28 each year to create awareness and educate the general public on the dangers, transmission and treatment of the Hepatitis Virus. This year, on July 28, at the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ridge, Starbites teamed up with the Ghana Association for the Study of Liver and Digestive Diseases (GASLIDD) to host a stakeholder meeting with the motto “Bringing Hepatitis Care Closer to The Communities – Hep Can’t Wait.” The meeting was chaired by Prof. Richard M.K Adanu with Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare and Dr (Mrs) Adwoa Agyei Nkansah as the Special Guest of Honor and Guest Speaker respectively. The initiative was supported by Mr. Eric Andoh, CEO of Starbites, who was in attendance at the stakeholders meeting. Starbites took up this project by donating 300 food packs to express their support for this innovative cause. By doing this, Starbites seeks to increase public awareness of hepatitis by educating communities about the threat that hepatitis poses and the availability of screening and treatment in Ghana.

Hepatitis is a viral illness that damages the liver and impairs its function. Currently, it is to blame for a disproportionately large number of fatalities worldwide. Most often, Hepatitis is spread through contact with bodily fluids that carry one of the several Hepatitis viruses. The Hepatitis Virus can also be acquired through the consumption of infected foods, heavy alcohol consumption, and drug misuse. Knowing your hepatitis status can aid in early viral detection and early treatment initiation. The various hospitals in Ghana also provide hepatitis vaccines.

As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Starbites is eager to help Ghanaian communities gain access to screening facilities each and every year in order to determine their Hepatitis status and to be aware of the necessary Hepatitis treatments available in order to stop the viral spread of the disease. Starbites would like to offer their sincere appreciation to the GASLIDD board of directors for their role in the success of this project.

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